Our implementation partners have a proven record of successful DITA implementation projects and can help you adopt DITA and implement DITAToo DITA CMS in the most effective way.

iDTP (the Netherlands)


iDTP helps you finding flexible solutions for organizing the production of your documentation and information products. Independent and without vendor lock in or adhoc customizations – but using proven software or Open Source and always based on Industry standards. Keywords: simple, usable, flexible and future proof.

Website: http://www.idtp.eu


Flow (Belgium)


Flow is a Belgium-based communication consulting company, specialized in technical writing and DITA-structured, topic-oriented authoring. We help organizations to streamline their (technical) documentation processes by offering outsourced technical writing services, coaching and training.

Website: http://flowtime.be/


The Content Era (USA)

tce logo The Content Era was founded on the principle of efficiency, and inventiveness. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” we like to say.

Starting out, we quickly learned that engaging in situations in need of solutions using antiquated methods was a lesson in futility. Carefully tethered frustration, however, breeds ingenuity. And with necessity being the mother of invention, it helped guide us toward more abstract, out of the box thinking. This resulted in specialized techniques and methods unique to our company.

That was, and continues to be, a driving force in our determination to discover newer, more efficacious ways to meet our clients’ needs.

Website: http://www.thecontentera.com


SDI (Finland, USA)


For over 30 years, SDI has been providing services and solutions to our Fortune 1000 clients specializing in technical documentation, eLearning/training, knowledge management systems and consulting, logistics expertise and multimedia/application development. We provide services and solutions in both commercial business and government industries worldwide. In other words, We make information perform!

Website: http://www.sdicorp.com/


DefTec (USA)


DefTec supports complex customer environments with mission critical products and services by rendering invaluable Depth, Experience, and Focus. We strive to enable our clients to provide the ultimate total product experience through the deployment of use-case driven product and support information.

DefTec offers their clients innovative solutions for information development and interactive communication exchange through collaborative design, development, management, fulfillment and evaluation for advanced products and systems in complex environments. DefTec’s skilled staff have mastered effective content management disciplines and are ready to help clients put these fundamental principles into practice.

Website: http://www.deftec.com/


Publishing Smarter (USA)

publishingsmarter_logo Challenging times present you with interesting opportunities. Companies are looking to do more, but with less. Our consultants work with you to improve processes, to advance your publishing environment, and to streamline your publishing environment saving you time and money.

Publishing Smarter works with clients to improve their content creation, management, and distribution workflows. We do so through content analysis, legacy file conversion, training, and support. This helps to reduce production costs, improve document quality, and increase employee productivity.

Our client base includes government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, private companies and not-for-profit agencies. We don’t sell specific software tools; we investigate and suggest the right options to ensure client success. Over 15 years in publishing provides us insight, experience and partnerships to meet your publishing needs.

Website: http://www.publishingsmarter.com


Metapercept Information Solutions & Consulting (India)

Metapercept_logo Metapercept holds expertise to handle technical documentation services from the simplest tasks of technical writing to core areas such as information management & infrastructure consulting. Our team of technical writers, documentation consultants, and implementation experts analyze your organizations information structure and provide the best possible and cost effective solutions to create an excellent knowledge pool.

Website: http://www.metapercept.com


InfoParse (Japan)

InfoParseRasterLOGO InfoParse is a dynamic consulting company in Tokyo, founded by seasoned XML expert Tetsuya Sekine, focusing on end-to end DITA Enabled Intelligent Content Solutions and its Information eXperiences Optimization. To maximize the consulting services InfoParse is offering, the company provides technical support services for software, CCMS implementation services, and trainings & workshops for DITA enabled tools and information development.

Website: http://www.infoparse.com/