What is DITAToo?

DITAToo is a content management system for DITA content (DITA CMS). DITAToo automates and facilitates a lot of DITA-related tasks that you have to do everyday. For example:

  • Searching DITA content
  • Automatically updating links
  • Managing content variations
  • Arranging new documents from the existing topics
  • Publishing to various outputs
  • Tracking content reuse
  • Managing translations
  • Managing versions
  • Converting MS Word documents to DITA



If you are using DITA, there is a good chance that you might need DITAToo. To let you better understand what kind of teams are using DITAToo, take a look at a typical profile of our customers:

  • Number of users: 1- 30
  • Industries: software, hardware, machinery
  • Some typical needs that drove our customers to use DITAToo:
    • Storing all DITA content in a central location so all authors can access and use it
    • Searching among thousands of DITA topics
    • Restructuring the content repository (e.g., rename and move files and folders) without having to worry about links
    • Producing multiple outputs based on conditional content variations
    • Tracking where each topic is reused
    • Easy creation of new deliverables from the existing content by users outside of technical publications teams
    • Streamlining the translation process, tracking, and managing translations
    • Converting legacy content from MS Word to DITA
    • Managing translations
  • XML editors that our customers usually use with DITAToo:
    • Structured Adobe FrameMaker (versions 8+)
    • Oxygen
    • XMetal
    • Content Mapper

Does DITAToo DITA CMS provide a solution for DITA authoring?

No, the main goal of DITAToo is to let you manage your DITA content. DITAToo assumes that you create DITA content using a DITA editor, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Oxygen, XMetal, and others.


Which tool can I use to author DITA with DITAToo DITA CMS?

DITAToo DITA CMS is editor-agnostic which means that you can use any DITA-aware editor. Because many of our customers are using Structured Adobe FrameMaker, we have developed a connector to Adobe FrameMaker 11 and Adobe FrameMaker 12 that lets you access and work with the files stored in the DITAToo content repository from within the FrameMaker authoring interface. But if you are using another DITA editor, there is nothing that could prevent to use it together with DITAToo.


What does it mean that you provide tight integration with Adobe FrameMaker?

This means that if you are a user of Adobe FrameMaker 11 or Adobe FrameMaker 12, you can enjoy an additional ability to access the DITAToo content repository and work with the files stored there without leaving the FrameMaker user interface.

The DITAToo-FrameMaker connector is part of the standard DITAToo installation so you won’t have to pay for it separately.


Where does DITAToo DITA CMS store content?

DITAToo stores content in a repository based on MySQL Server.


How does DITAToo DITA CMS publish DITA?

DITAToo provides you with the following options to publish DITA:

  • Through DITA Open Toolkit (DITA OT). By the way, if you have your own customizations of DITA OT or custom DITA OT plugins, you can easily make DITAToo to use them for publishing. DITAToo integrates with DITA OT so you can generate outputs directly from DITAToo with a couple of clicks.
  • Through any third-party publishing engine (e.g., Adobe FrameMaker for PDF publishing or WebWorks ePublisher). In this case, DITAToo lets you download all relevant files from the repository to your computer and then open these files in the publishing engine of your choice.


Can I evaluate whether DITAToo DITA CMS can solve my content needs?

Sure! Just drop us a line at info@ditatoo.com, and we’ll be happy to arrange an online demo to demonstrate key capabilities of DITAToo, discuss how DITAToo could solve your needs, answer your questions, and give you a free 30-day trial.