When you work with content, it goes through various states, from initial authoring to review to translation to publishing. Each state may imply certain actions to be triggered and limitations to be imposed. For example, if you have a state that represents a topic in a final approved stage, you might not want anyone to modify the topic. Similarly, when a topic is in a review state, you may want an email notification to be sent to the documentation manager or to the reviewer.

Workflow Manager is a complementary module for DITAToo DITA CCMS that lets you:

  • Define states of your content lifecycle
  • Specify actions that DITAToo DITA CCMS should automatically perform once the file is moved to this state
  • Specify actions that should be prohibited while the file is in this state
  • Move any file, including an individual topic, set of individual topics, or an entire project, to any state
  • Assign a file to a DITAToo DITA CCMS user
  • Search by workflow state
  • View files assigned to yourself as well as to other users

Watch this short video to see how Workflow Manager works:

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