DITA can significantly improve single sourcing and content reuse practices, as well as ensure the consistency and overall quality of the technical documentation.

However, DITA also brings new challenges caused by the increased complexity of content organization.  Many of them relate to management of DITA content that becomes even more important than ever.

For example:

    • Searching the content among thousands of individual topics
    • Tracking where each topic is reused
    • Ensuring the integrity of links when the DITA content is reorganized (for example, a topic or image is renamed or moved to another location)
    • Managing multiple content variations and ensuring that the output includes only the relevant content
    • Managing translations
    • Controlling versions
    • Managing parallel releases
    • Managing workflow
    • Managing access permissions of different team members to the content
    • Encouraging reuse of content across the organization without enforcing non-technical writers to learn DITA

As the amount and complexity of your content grows, the importance of these issues will grow too. This is when a DITA content management system (DITA CMS), which is also known as DITA component content management system (DITA CCMS), like DITAToo, will come into the picture.

DITAToo DITA CMS automates and facilitates most of tasks that any DITA user has to do every day, including search, link management, arranging and re-arranging DITA content, controlling content variations, managing versions and parallel releases, managing workflows. managing translations, and publishing.