Preparing to Conversion

Unless you are beginning from scratch in DITA, you have to migrate your legacy content to DITA.

Conversion of a legacy content is a rarely purely technical process. This includes preparation of content from both conceptual (re-writing and re-structuring content for DITA) and technical (the conversion itself) perspectives.

We have been successfully helping our customers:

  • Review the legacy content and select the legacy content to be converted
  • Plan the conversion
  • Re-write and re-structure legacy content, when necessary
  • Clean-up the content before the conversion, when necessary


Converting from MS Word to DITA

As you probably know, any conversion from MS Word to DITA is based on styles.

This means that you have to specify to which DITA element each of your styles in the MS Word document should be converted. As long as your MS Word document is consistently formatted and does not contain any manual ad hoc formatting, you can use traditional Word-to-DITA conversion tools available on the market.

However, if the MS Word document includes manual formatting or inconsistently used and re-defined styles, the conversion process can become a nightmare. Depending on the amount of misused styles and manual formatting, you may need to spend tens of hours trying to cleanup the document.

We’ve developed a technology and tools that allows us to smoothly convert even unstyled MS Word documents to a valid DITA. For example, ConverToo is an automated one-click conversion tool that lets you easily convert MS Word documents with minimum clean-up efforts. If you have any special requirements that cannot be handled by our tools out-of-the-box, we’ll be happy to develop a custom solution for you.


Converting from Unstructured FrameMaker to DITA

We are using specialized automated tools that let us speed up the conversion process and make it as accurate as possible. When it is necessary, we involve experts in FrameMaker automation who develop additional tools to facilitate the conversion and improve the quality of the converted content.

Contact us at to discuss how we can help you make the legacy content conversion as smooth as possible.