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Case Study:

Producing Highly Complex Technical Content by an International Team

The customer, a leading semiconductor company with the headquarters in the USA, was looking for a solution to allow the international team located in four countries to collaborate, speed up the content creation process, improve the quality of the technical documentation, and reduce the cost of producing PDF publications.

Deployment type: Cloud, distributed architecture

DITAToo's users locations: USA, UK, China, India

Integrations: Okta SSO


  • Improve efficiency of the technical publications teams.

  • Increase quality of the technical documentation by involving subject matter experts (for example, engineers) to the content process and allowing them to review content written by the technical writers.

  • Reduce the cost of setting up the layout and formatting of PDF outputs.

  • Reduce the costs and management overhead for maintaining the DITA CCMS for the international team.

  • Gain an ability to manage user credentials and permissions on the corporate level without having the need to sign in to the DITA CCMS separately.

What We Did

  1. Deployed the DITAToo distributed architecture for the teams located across the USA, UK, China, and India. The distributed architecture allows the international team to eliminate latency and communications lags when communicating with the DITAToo content repository.

  2. Integrated DITAToo with company's Okta Single Sign On (Okta SSO).

  3. Provided DITAToo with a graphical designer for PDF outputs that allows the publication team to visually set up the layout and formatting of their PDFs without any need in XSLT coding.

  4. Provided DITAToo with DITAToo Web Editor that allows the company's subject matter experts to suggest changes and leave comments to the content written by the technical writers. DITAToo Web Editor provides an easy-to-use web-based interface that enables subject matter experts to review DITA content without any knowledge of DITA.

  5. Provided DITA and DITAToo DITA CCMS training.


  • Thanks to the DITAToo distributed architecture, the technical documentation team located around the world can access the DITAToo content repository without any communication lags and latency.  

  • The company's subject matter experts can now review content written by the technical writers using DITAToo Web Editor. After the review is completed, technical writers can go through the suggested changes and accept or reject each of them.

  • The technical documentation team has become more efficient thanks to the ability to manage and reuse modular content.

  • The publication team can now easily and quickly modify the look-and-feel of the PDF output using a visual interface without having to code XSLT stylesheets.  

  • DITAToo users can now sign in once to a single authorization system (Okta SSO) and have access to all company's systems, including DITAToo DITA CCMS.

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