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Case Study:

Unifying Content Authoring and Management across Products and Business Units

The customer, a leading provider of software solutions for big data, data enrichment, and location intelligence, makes multiple acquisitions every year and was looking for a solution to unify content practices across multiple products, business units, and acquired teams.

Deployment type: Cloud, distributed architecture

DITAToo's users locations: USA, Europe, India

Integrations: Azure AD, XTM (translation management system), Dakota Content Platform


  • Reduce the cost of creating product documentation by unifying documentation authoring and automation across multiple content types and products. Due to the acquisitions, there was a strong need to accommodate and unify new documentation teams that had their own content formats, tools, and processes.

  • Reduce translation costs.

  • Improve efficiency of the documentation team by providing capabilities for version control, automated publication, source format mismatch, and globalization.

  • Facilitate the process of migration from unstructured content to DITA. The company needed an ability to manage both unstructured and structured content using a unified content management strategy.

  • Involve occasional content contributors to contribute to the content process.

  • Reduce the costs and management overhead for maintaining the DITA CCMS for the international team.

  • Gain an ability to manage user credentials and permissions on the corporate level without having the need to sign in to the DITA CCMS separately.

What We Did

  1. Deployed the DITAToo distributed architecture for the documentation team located across the USA, Europe, and India. The distributed architecture allows the technical writers to eliminate latency and communications lags when communicating with the DITAToo content repository.

  2. Integrated DITAToo with the company's Azure AD.

  3. Integrated DITAToo with XTM, a leading translation management system.

  4. Integrated DITAToo with a publishing platform (done by the implementation partner using the DITAToo Plugin API).

  5. Provided DITAToo with DITAToo Virtual Drive that allows occasional content contributors and subject matter experts to actively participate in the content process.

  6. Provided DITAToo DITA CCMS training.


  • Thanks to the DITAToo distributed architecture, the documentation team located around the world can access the DITAToo content repository without any communication lags and latency.  

  • Those technical writers who are using legacy content formats (such as MadCap Flare or unstructured FrameMaker) can use the DITAToo content repository to store and manage their unstructured content using the content management strategy unified for all types of content.

  • The technical writers have become more efficient thanks to the ability to manage, reuse, and publish content to multiple delivery channels.

  • The technical writers can now perform batch publishing to PDF and Web Help with a click of a button.

  • The translation process is now fully automated thanks to the tight integration between DITAToo and XTM translation management system.

  • DITAToo users can now sign in once to a single authorization system (Azure AD) and have access to all company's systems, including DITAToo DITA CCMS.

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