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Provide a Conversational UI for Your Product Knowledge Base with DITAToo Chatbot

DITAToo Chatbot lets your customers ask questions in a natural language and get specific answers that address their specific request.

More Efficient Use of Your Service Team


Leverage Your Existing Content

Let customers ask questions in a natural language

Give your customers an additional way to find solutions to their issues. Let them ask their questions in the way they want. The DITAToo chatbot powered by AI and natural language processing automatically finds the information that precisely addresses the issue.

Any front end

Integrate the DITAToo chatbot into your website, knowledge base, content delivery platform, or your product.

No extensive configuration or training

The chatbot dynamically identifies parameters that affect the answer, automatically generates questions to request the missing information from the user, and finds the content that matches a specific parameter combination.

Automated transformation of MS Word documents and DITA content to chatbot-ready smart content

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine analyses your content, componentizes it, and automatically enriches it with semantic metadata. The chatbot can now find the component that precisely addresses the user’s question.

Request a Demo

If you want to see DITAToo Chatbot in action, please fill out this form, and we’ll be happy to arrange a personal demo for you.

Thanks for requesting demo. We will get back to you soon.

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