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Create, translate, and deliver product content in scale with DITAToo DITA CCMS

DITAToo is a component content management (DITA CCMS) and content automation platform. It’s your end-to-end solution for producing, managing, and publishing product content: technical documentation, training materials, marketing collateral, sales proposals, and more.

Time-to-market faster by up to 60%

Decrease in customer service costs by up to 40%

Decrease in translation costs by up to 70%

Boost your efficiency

Create and update content faster with content reuse capabilities. Don’t re-create the content that already exists, just reuse what you already have. Customize reusable content to various products, releases, audiences, and other contexts.

Automate content

Leverage your existing content by automating content assembly, generation, and aggregation. With the DITAToo Assembly Engine, you can automatically align product documentation for complex products, like aircraft, machinery, or vehicles, with the product configuration.

Get rid of communication latency for international teams

Enjoy a zero latency in communication with content servers for geographically distributed teams. Our Distributed Architecture provides them with a lagless environment even if they are located of different sides of the globe.

Engage subject matter experts

Unlock the power of collaboration: let occasional content contributors and reviewers participate in the content process. Let them contribute without enforcing them to learn new tools or content formats.

Reduce translation costs

Get rid of unnecessary translation-related tasks and costs. DITAToo lets you streamline and automate the entire translation process and increase visibility in managing translations.

Integrate with your infrastructure

Integrate DITAToo with other systems and applications in your company to build a unified infrastructure for your content operations. DITAToo provides connectors to content delivery platforms, wikis, translation management systems, publishing platforms, single sign-on systems, and more.

Pricing Plans


$3,300 annually

Includes 3 users

$1,100 per additional user

  • Integration with DITA editors

  • MS Word-to-DITA conversion

  • Central repository

  • Access permissions

  • Multiple types of search

  • Labeling

  • Taxonomy

  • Translation management

  • Workflow management

  • Release management

  • DITA Map Builder

  • Link management

  • Where used

  • Finding unused files

  • Fixing broken links

  • Versioning

  • Branching and merging

  • Restoring deleted files

  • Multi-channel publishing

  • Publishing profiles

  • Working offline


$8,500 annually

Includes 5 users

$1,700 per additional user

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Multiple repositories

  • Responsive HTML5 output

  • Plugin API


Call Us

Includes 10+ users

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

  • Web Editor

  • Connector for Confluence

  • Up to 100 hours of professional services

Additional Modules

Web Editor

Create structured content with ease. Reviewers can use the Web Editor to suggest changes and make comments.


  • Salesforce

  • Confluence

  • Fluid Topics

  • XTM

  • Okta SSO

  • Azure AD

  • ...and more!

per user annually

Starts from $2,500 annually

Virtual Drive

Let occasional content contributors access the DITAToo content repository from their own tools and applications. 

per user annually

Request a Demo

If you want to see DITAToo CCMS in action, please fill out this form, and we’ll be happy to arrange a personal demo for you.

Thanks for requesting demo. We will get back to you soon.

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