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Case Study:

Transforming the Customer Service Center

The customer, a European manufacturer of industrial printers, faced a lot of challenges when providing their clients with product documentation. They faced a lack of standardization, poorly organized exchange of knowledge within the company and selling partners, the oversized service team, and the service costs going over the roof. The customer was looking for a solution that would enable them to keep growing the business while keeping costs under control.

Deployment type: Hybrid (on-premises + cloud)

DITAToo's users locations: Switzerland

Integrations: Fluid Topics (content delivery platform)


  • Reduce the load on the company's customer support and decreasing the service costs.

  • Enable the company to scale up their business and facilitate the business growth without costs going over the roof.

  • Improve quality of the technical documentation through content standardization and content personalization.

  • Reduce maintenance time.

  • Change the service culture from “call for solution” to “information self-service”.

  • Reduce the translation costs.

What We Did

  1. Deployed DITAToo DITA CCMS for the technical documentation team.

  2. Built a solution that automatically transformed complex textual troubleshooting procedures with multiple product- and configuration-specific variations to flowcharts which helped service technicians faster understand the troubleshooting process.

  3. Customized the DITAToo’s translation management functionality to make the company's metadata localizable.

  4. Integrated DITAToo with Fluid Topics (a content delivery portal).

  5. Provided DITAToo training.


  • The load on the customer service was reduced by 34%.

  • Overall time-to-market was reduced thanks to faster content update and publication process.

  • The translation costs were reduced by 50%.

  • Service knowledge is now available 24/7.

  • Service engineer efficiency and autonomy was increased.

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