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Limericks about DITA from ChatGPT

I've just returned from the TC World conference in Stuttgart where I was speaking about how measuring content quality and importance (how users understand them) can help documentation teams plan and prioritize their work.

The conference was great, as always, packed with fantastic sessions, interesting people, and networking events. One of my favorites tracks was prompt engineering for generative AI. I was so excited that on my way home that I asked ChatGPT to write something creative using different genres it was familiar with.

It came up with a dozen of limericks and poems. These were my favorite ones:

A writer named Sue, full of wit,

Mastered DITA, bit by bit.

With content so fine,

And reuse in each line,

Her team cheered, "Translation costs? We'll omit!"

A tech writer named Ned, full of flair,

Used DITA with utmost care.

With structures so fine,

And reuse like a wine,

His documents danced in the air.

In the world of unstructured plight,

DITA brought a beacon of light.

Costs reduced with glee,

Automation's decree,

A tech writer's creative delight.

And finally, it has written an actual poem!

In the realm of docs, a tale so absurd,

A character named Scribble, his vision blurred.

In Microsoft's maze, he sought creation,

But Word left him in a state of frustration.

Formatting nightmares haunted his dreams,

Oh, the troubles with margins and themes!

He danced with Google Docs, but joy turned to gloom,

Collaboration quirks filled his digital room.

PDF came calling, a stoic embrace,

Editing pains etched on his face.

Scribble yearned for a more seamless decree,

In the vast landscape of content, wild and free.

Then along came DITA, a savior in code,

With automation prowess down every road.

No more Word fumbles or PDF despair,

In DITA's embrace, Scribble found care.

Structured and savvy, like a wise sage,

DITA whispered, "Escape the content cage."

With topics and maps, his content took flight,

In the arms of DITA, Scribble found his delight.

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